Office Building Revitalised

To transform the existing entrance area of the office building “Spreepalais am Dom” (Office Palace on the Spree River near the Cathedral in Berlin) giving it a truly modern look, the Berlin architect, Resa Gartner, designed a furniture ensemble based on basic round forms. The modern-shaped furniture made of solid surface material with its nearly unlimited possibilities for implementation was once again the correct and only choice for this project. Robust and pleasant to the touch, solid surface material is presented here in the form of reception desks and seat rings in various sizes.

The challenge arose in connecting the form with the functionality. Domestic engineering, safety technology and the telephone system all needed to be integrated – manufacturing solutions that had to be implemented effectively. Not least, the indirect lighting for the reception counter and the workplace required detailed coordination. Even the geometry of the white panelling used on the back between the veneered elements also required several developmental steps until the effect and design arrangement were satisfactory and pleasing to the eye.

The result is attractive to both staff and visitors alike with its simple and clear implementation. The redesigned entrance area is now impressive because of its strong design language and presents an enticing and appealing atmosphere.

  • 5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:
    • 3D Model Reception Counter
    • Technology Planning
    • Work Planning and Production Supervision
    • Installation Management
  • Project Data:
    • Completion: January 2017
    • Manufacturer: Rosskopf + Partner AG
    • Design: Resa Gartner, neo system architects
    • Light System: Döllken Lighting
    • Photos: Andreas Mikutta
    • Material: Avonite® Polaris