3D Steel Construction – AUDI at CES Las Vegas 2016

In the field of exhibition stand design, it is impressive how closely together in time that project clearance and implementation can take place. Only 13 weeks elapsed from the first contact with the colleagues of the EXPOTECHNIK EMEA GmbH in Frankfurt and the opening of the CES in Las Vegas.

We supported Expotechnik Group in the 3D drafting of the concealed substructure of the exhibition booth for Audi Corporation. Although steel construction is not exactly our primary business, the drawings were nonetheless detailed and meaningful enough to provide the steel construction company with all the necessary information. Negotiations and clearance with the structural engineers took place quickly, and the designers, who were willing to compromise, contributed to taking rapid decisions. Within a very short time, a truly impressive exhibition stand for the Audi Corporation was produced, shipped to Las Vegas, and mounted over the Christmas holidays to be opened on time on January 6, 2016.

It was a superb example of good cooperation between all parties and a veritable accomplishment by the booth builders. We also benefitted from this project by garnering more experience in the field of steel construction.

  • For this project, 5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:
    • 3D-model steel construction for the 2-storey building, including structural analysis for project clearance
    • Fabricating and assembling the floor structure with a highlighted pedestal, to include workshop planning
    • Completion: January 2016