Our services for builders, architects, general contractors, interior decorators, and fabricators:
  • Feasibility
    Is it really possible to implement the idea? If so, under what conditions?
    Our knowledge and advice will save you unnecessary discussions. And time, aggravation, and – above all – a lot of money. read more
  • Cost estimate
    What will it cost to implement the design? And how is it possible to save costs by skillful planning?
    We have extensive experience in the complex computation of national and international projects. read more
  • Planning
    How can the design be constructed perfectly in CAD? How can a plan be prepared to optimize the interface for machining?
    The people at 5D Engineering have the necessary expertise. read more
  • Invitation to tender
    What information do the processing companies need to know in order to deliver the best price? And who is the most capable tenderer?
    We specialize in providing tendering invitations for working with solid surface materials. read more
  • Project management
    Who is coordinating all the partners and crafting companies? How can we ensure that cost and time schedules are adhered to?
    All services to be coordinated through to the perfect after-sales service will be handled efficiently by us. read more


  • Experience
    25 years of expertise in the field of solid surface materials and know-how derived from numerous successful completed projects
  • Independence
    from solid surface material brands
  • Neutrality
    when dealing with fabrication and machining companies
  • Trust and Discretion
    5D Engineering also gladly ensures this contractually
  • Objectivity
    5D Engineering always provides consultation to the advantage of its customers