Media Wall at the Merck Innovation Centre

White panels simply curved, slotted and bonded together as a single wall without gaps or grooves. That doesn’t really sound like an exciting task. And yet, all the tasks associated with this project were not as easily accomplished as one might think. It is in the intricate detail work where the complicated tasks often lie.

Beginning at a height of 3.85 meters and continuing upwards, a wall 3.5 meters in vertical width and 20 meters in length was to be installed. It was constructed of several thermoformed panels and bonded, brushed and polished so that no seam or gap is visible. On the front surface of this panelling, in each of 24 vertical rows, 3 monitors were to be positioned one above the other that could be moved up and down. Our client, MKT AG from Olching, developed and produced 24 complex moving units that were organized to be operated from behind the wall. The individual monitors were then attached to the mechanical mechanisms only by narrow sword-like connectors in the panelling.

Before we arrived, the ceiling and wall had already been prepared on site. Therefore, our panelling had to follow the contour of the existing ceiling structure and be connected somehow to the previously installed steel construction. Our 3D measurements then indicated where deviations from the original plans existed. In coordination with the site managers and our customer, we were able to come to an agreement and realign our own plans accordingly.

5D Engineering supplied all the necessary components and services for this project. From the 3D material estimates and measurements to construction planning, and all the parts for the substructure and panels, through to the final assembly, all phases converged at 5D. For the customer, this resulted in significant advantages: reduced coordination effort, fewer interface problems, and the central responsibilities were to be found only at 5D Engineering.

Thanks to very detailed planning and coordination, it was possible to perform the installation in the shortest possible time without significant adjustments that would have otherwise resulted in delays on the construction site.

Today, when visitors enter the Innovation Centre through the main entrance, they find themselves looking directly at the Media Wall. The impression is mesmerising – a silky matt, white surface as a continuous large wall in a single piece without grooves or gaps that is only interrupted by narrow slits, and in front of which the monitors glide up and down as if by magic.

  • 5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:
    • 3D Measurements and Material Estimates
    • Constructive Planning
    • Project Management
    • Delivery of the Substructure and Panelling
    • Final Assembly
  • Project Data:
    • Completion: December 2017
    • Media Technology Implementation: MKT AG
    • Photos: Torsten Boor (Complete view), Michael Schob
    • Material: Corian® Glacier White