The Museum

5D Engineering’s largest project has finally been completed! On behalf of Beck Interiors Ltd. in London, the solid surface material specialist Rosskopf + Partner AG (R+P) was contracted to produce, deliver and assemble band-like cladding panels made of sold surface material. 5D Engineering took over the entire project management, workshop planning, logistics preparation and assembly organization for R+P. Since the construction site was in Saudi Arabia, many processes involved in the transportation and assembly were not the normal routine business transactions, but instead, required a high level of experience and commitment. Communicating with the building owner’s representatives in a culturally different environment was an inspiring new experience for us. 5D was able to meet all of the requirements, and thus brought the project to a remarkable and impressive conclusion.

Connection Zone

Before production could even begin, extensive clarifications concerning the available data were necessary. In cooperation with Beck, our customer, the details were worked out, patterns were crafted, and a model wall section was constructed as a cut-out of the entire wall. The real challenge was in the discontinuity of the geometrical corners tapering to 0, which initially only consisted of surfaces in the architect model. The addition of material thickness sometimes creates completely new situations that have to be converted into technical solutions.

5D Engineering developed a principle for the substructure that was then adapted to the customer's steel substructure. On the one hand, the individual modules had to be portable for the assembly technicians; and they also had to be able to accommodate the tolerances inherent in the building itself. On the other hand, the free geometry of the wall panelling had to be precisely adhered to during assembly, so that the glass showcases that were also curved would correspond to the panels.

Entrance Room Island Arabia

In order to undertake the complicated calibrations of the individual modules in the room, 5D adapted an existing laser measuring system. Using a motorized tachymeter, it was possible to freely position the respective modules at 3 or 4 measuring points in the room and check the coordinates in real time on the monitor. This greatly simplified the installation of the panelling.

In many of the operations on site, we worked together with the customer to organize, develop solutions and build. The organization and documentation for assembly was correspondingly elaborate and also required extensive drawings and material analysis.

The overall effect of the museum is impressive. In advance of our work, there was an animation video created by Atelier Brueckner, who was responsible for the design of the exhibition. The actual construction comes so close to the animation that you can hardly see any difference.

Room Desert Trek

If you have an opportunity, take a look for yourself at the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture (KACWC) building complex in Dhahran and Gallery 4 which we constructed. Pictures can only partially portray the impression of the actual reality. There are indications of restrictions being loosened in Saudi Arabia and, in the future, tourists may also be able to visit this place.


5D Engineering assumed the responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Overall Project Management (on behalf of Rosskopf + Partner AG)
  • Development of Technical Solutions
  • Workshop Planning and Data Preparation (in collaboration with Design to Production, Zurich)
  • Logistics Support
  • Assembly Organization and Management
  • Documentation


Project Data:

  • Total Area:  910 m² of cladding panels
  • Completion: September 2017
  • Manufacturer:  Rosskopf + Partner AG
  • Design:  Atelier Brueckner, Stuttgart
  • Photos: Daniel Stauch
  • Material:  HIMACS® and Corian®