Wave-like Ceiling Structure

5D Engineering found this interior decoration company’s invitation to bid through partner contacts. In a cafeteria the view of the ceiling panelling was to reveal a wave-shaped structure using parallel and vertically disposed ribs. The wave structure was to be non-uniform and without repetitive parts.

Since all projects at 5D Engineering are planned and constructed three dimensionally, the resolution of this task presented no difficulties even though wood was to be processed instead of solid surface material.


As there was no specification by the customer, 5D Engineering developed two variants of a waveform. One variant pleased the customers well and when it was approved it was developed in detail. The exact shape of the individual ribs was created in 3D with all the details needed for construction.

Once the assembly procedure was approved, the assembly groups were formed and then, prepared as an outline for the CNC programming, they were passed on to production.


Although the time window for the design, manufacture and installation was extremely tight, the project was completed with a very harmonious and convincing result.

5D tasks included:


  • Designing the waveform
  • Creating the individual elements
  • Aligning the elements in the X -Y plane
  • Breaking down the milling contour and preparing it for CNC machining


Fabricator: Möbel+Plan Werkstatt, Göbel GmbH & Co. KG seit 1870

Completion: November 2013