Unusual Wall Geometry - Technically Resolved

To a greater extent than ever, flowing organic shapes are being employed in architectural design, but not only on the interior. Particularly renowned architects give distinction to this image by implementing extraordinary shapes on both exterior structures and in interior construction.

For the Audi Pavilion in Wolfsburg, the entire interior wasnewly crafted and delivered by the Ambrosius company in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to simple wall designs, free-formed curved ceiling and wall elements also belong to the unusual decor. Due to its experience in spatial design, a portion of this complex work was implemented by 5DEngineering. For this project, it wasnot the solid surface material that stood in the foreground, but the substructures for the plasterboard that was added later.

Construction of the Substructure for the Wall Sail

Starting with the outer shell, curved panel-like materials form the substructure, which serves as the support for the exterior cladding. Production-oriented appropriate single segments form the separate construction parts for the structure. 5D developed the frame construction, sketched all the individual parts and sorted them in predetermined panel formats. This allowed thepanels to be transferred directly into the machine programming for the customer.

Wall Sail

You can see very nicely here how pleasingly the wall sails protrude from the ceiling into the room and define the exhibition zones.

Entryway Teleporter

In this entryway, which leads through a rounded ring into a rectangular passage, one can easily see the layers of the coloured MDF panels. From a solid block, the segments of the arch were milled and then mounted on substructure frame. The ringed passage is formed from 13 individual segments.


5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:

  • 3D-design substructure
  • Implementation planning and work preparation


Project data:

  • Completion: March 2012
  • Manufacturer: Ernst F. Ambrosius & Sohn GmbH, founded in1872
  • Design: Schmidhuber and Partners, Munich
  • Photos: Michael Lückel, Antonio Rojas