Unusual Facade Design

As part of the State Garden Show, the city of Schwaebisch Gmuend announced a competition for redesigning the train station underpass. The contract to implement a new design was awarded to the architectural company Preiswerk in Biel, Switzerland.


The idea was to design the pedestrian underpass with a bright material that was friendly and made passengers feel welcome. Elements curved outward in the panelling supports included indirect green LED lighting, which also matched the name of the design – "Green Band".

The solid surface material HIMACS was especially suitable for this application for three reasons:


  • Because they can be thermoformed, the components that were curved outward were relatively easy to produce.
  • The stability of the sheet material has the necessary characteristics, which had already been confirmed in previous projects for facades.
  • Due to the colour saturation of the material, it is possible to repair damage to the surface by simply re-sanding it to restore the surface to its original beauty.

Although the implementation appeared to be simple at first, during the detailed planning it became apparent that the combination of the construction with concrete (both existing and new construction) and solid surface material with LED lighting was particularly complicated, especially because of the optical flow of the design using the strips of panelling. The implementation here required a high degree of coordination and consultation with all people involved in the project and related suppliers.

5D Engineering took on the responsibility for the work plan implementation and the production organization. Already in this stage of the project, the assembly lots were decided. This facilitated a structure of continual flow from production through the pre-assembly and delivery stages, to assembly on site.


By taking over the project management on site, 5D Engineering was able to implement the concept on time, from the idea to completion and handover.

5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:


  • Work planning and preparation of the production documentation
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Project management and installation management
  • Cost monitoring and follow-up management