Polished Palladium Surface sample

Special Lighting Solution Using Solid Surface Material

 In high-quality interior design, high-performance craftsmanship is becoming standard practice. Sophisticated materials are utilized in unusual combinations and shapes to allow customers to create their own personal realms.

To achieve this distinctive status, traditional materials are also used that provide owners with an aura of radiance and glamour and make their position clear to onlookers. In this quest, materials such as precious metals, glass and rare woods play a very significant role.

Indirect lighting solutions are always part of such elaborate designs. In this project, the lighting effect was created by using radially-shaped perimeter lighting along two sides of the room. The covered front section not only had to reflect light, but also needed to support static needs because it projects light freely into the room.

Thermoformed elements 6mm, before milling

One requirement was to line the surface with sheet-palladium and then polish it to a shine. These various aspirations were presented best using solid surface material, a stable, non-porous material which provides an excellent support base for the basic surface and, later, for the Palladium.

Side elements and flutes before assembly

Accuracy in processing the materials was a major challenge. Every tiny uneven area becomes even more noticeable after applying the final finish –especially so since the profile was installed over a total length of 4-6meters.

The opposite surface in the corner between the ceiling and wall area remained white satin and added the lighting effect with white radiation outwards and to the ceiling. The cover for the air conditioning was implemented simultaneously with this component.


5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:


  • Consulting and engineering
  • Production planning
  • Monitoring of production at the supplier
  • Quality assurance
  • Delivery

Completion: October 2012