A Highlight at the Qubique 2011 Tradeshow in Berlin 

For a new tradeshow concept, something extraordinary should be exhibited. For this purpose, labme developed and presented luminaires and lighting solutions for various applications. To intensify the attractiveness of the new and unknown for the Qubique 2011 tradeshow in Berlin, an unusual black cubicle was designed, which is elevated on apyramid-shaped pedestal.Side openings in the cubicle allow a glimpse from the outside to the interior and entice visitors to goup the ramps and into an illuminated room.

The biggest challenge for this project was the complicated spatial implementation. While all the components are fairly simple geometric forms (cube, sphere, pyramid), the interaction between them is far more complex than it appears at first glance. The approximately 1,400 light elements in the interior are on aluminium rods of varying lengths mounted on the exterior wall panels. The points of light at the end of the rods form a sphere, into which one can enter through the side openings.

Several possibilities to control individual lighting elements allow programming that can produce complex interactivity with some very impressive effects. There are not only "on" and "off" variations, but also the intensity of the light fluctuates depending upon activity inside the illuminated ball. Visitors were delighted and captivated by the potential of this technology.

backside wiring

Due to the effective fabrication technology by the manufacturer, the Ackermann Company in Wiesenbronn, the project was completed in time for the opening.

Ultimately, the area surrounding the core product is acquiescent, and the pedestal allows this effect to unfold. That is exactly the purpose of a good exhibition stand. And it apparently persuaded the editors of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper to use the labme cube for illustrations in their report about the Qubique 2011 tradeshow.

5D Engineering was involved in the following tasks:

  • 3D design and construction of the exhibition booth
  • Preparation of structural confirmation of booth stability
  • Detailed consultation in direct contact with the customer
  • Identification and structuring of 3D data for programming the interior lighting
  • Assembly planning


  • Project: Exhibition Stand for labme at Qubique 2011, Berlin
  • Design: Simon Brünner
  • Customer: neuesLicht GmbH
  • Manufacturer: Ackermann GmbH
  • Technology partner: Osram
  • Realisation: October 2011
  • Photos: Simon Brünner