The Eye-Catcher in the Reception Area

Through an exceptional, uncommon experience or perception, a place, an event, or a product can be impressed into our memory. It can be a sound, a fragrance or a unique colour. For the reception counter of The Third Space fitness studio in London, architects worked with an intense flush of the colour red. Here, the creation is an elliptical base form, terminating angularly at the upper edges, imparting the notion of a monolith.

Behind the bold distinctive outer casing, technology is concealed which is indispensable for a reception desk. Hence, it is not only forms and keys, but also surveillance and switchboard technology that must be included to ensure high-tech functional access, and yet still be inconspicuous in the general furnishings. Ultimately, it provides a more pleasant workplace for employees in the reception area; their positive attitudes are then immediately transferred to visitors.

To resolve such a challenge requires a considerable amount of insightful tact and experience in dealing with customers and designers to sort out the inherent conflicts between design, requirements and feasibility that eventually lead to a mutually satisfactory agreement. For this project, 5D Engineering implemented exactly this resolution into the work plan for a buildable furniture object.

5D Engineering participated in the following tasks:

  • Detailed consultation for the design
  • Work planning to include the adaptation of building and surveillance technology


  • Project: Marylebone Reception Desk
  • Client: The Third Space Ltd.
  • Design: Goldstein Ween Architects, London
  • Realisation Period: March / April 2011
  • Manufacturer: Rosskopf & Partner AG
  • Photo: Marc Wilson