Lectern in a sacral environment

Functional Furniture Object in a Sacred Environment

To combine technology and design modestly but harmoniously in a sacred environment is an especially complex challenge. The focus here does not lie with the product, or the inventory as an eye-catcher. The environment and the furnishings diminish and allow the symbolic influence to become the focal point.

This high privilege was bestowed in the design and realization of a speaker’s lectern in the Evangelical Free Church in Erbach in the Odenwald in Germany. The spatial conditions were established by the leaders and speakers in the congregation itself. Our customer’s primary request was to replicate the visual presentations which appear on the projector screen behind the speaker on a monitor in the lectern. Another requirement was to transmit data by remote control at the lectern or through cables controlled externally by a technician from another location in the sanctuary. The contemporary symbol of the cross in the front view as a backlit structure blends discreetly into the overall design concept.

Through its expertise, also in the field of interior technology design, 5D Engineering was able to provide intensive support of the entire development – from receipt of the initial sketch and concept to completion of the design, technical development and realization of the project. The high concentration of components to be processed in this rather small furniture object required a high degree of technical detail.


Access technical equipment

During the Easter observances in 2012, the lectern was befittingly inaugurated and used effectually by the speakers. The result was impressive, both visually and functionally, and found many admirers among the visitors.

View from behind with running präsentation

Frontside with cross symbol

5D was involved in the following tasks:

  • product design
  • technical planning
  • shop drawings and supervision production
  • project management



  • Finalization: April 2012
  • Farbricator: Rosskopf & Partner AG, Hennersdorf
  • Design: 5D Engineering GmbH, Anne Schaufuß
  • Pictures by: Don Feidner
  • Material: HI-MACS© (Product and brand from LG Hausys), Colour: G107 Pebble Pearl (Column) and S207 Marta Grey (table)