FREE DOMKY – Mobile Home Units

A high-quality sanitary area in the smallest space possible has become a great success – also, thanks to 5D Engineering.

The idea for the self-contained units came from Jiri Brauch; it was designed by Marék Stepán (Atelier Stepán, Architektura & Design in Brno). Employees of 5D Engineering were responsible for the planning of the sanitary area.  

The basic idea of the mobile home units: A self-sufficient free-standing building was to be developed, which could be used as a private residence or as living accommodations while on holiday.
The major challenge in this project was to create a high-quality functional sanitary area in the smallest possible space. A team from 5D Engineering provided the solution. Thanks to their expertise, walls, floors and ceilings could be fabricated and joined almost seamlessly using HI-MACS® solid surface material (S28 alpine white). Also, LED systems were integrated into the planning, and in cooperation with the manufacturer of shower cubicles, Kermi GmbH, the shower area was installed flush with the floor.  

Because of the significant appeal at architecture trade fairs, now, in a further development phase, several variations of the residential cubicles are to be fabricated. 

From the initial consultation to installation on site, 5D Engineering accompanied the customer, masterminding all processes:

  • Implementing ideas and feasibility studies
  • Establishing the first detailed solutions
  • Creating a work schedule
  • Providing requests to manufacturers of purchased parts (light, shower system, fittings, glasswork)
  • Approving the final draft of the drawings
  • Providing 1:1 implementation planning
  • Supplying project coordination
  • Monitoring the processing and machining of the solid surface material
  • Monitoring and coordinating the installation in Brno